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Emmanuel Academic is an academic publishing house focusing on the Old Testament (Tanakh) in its comparative ancient Near Eastern setting. Our titles bring the Biblical world to life, bridging the gap between rigorous scholarship and the curious reader. Our titles offer access to cutting-edge research and thought-provoking articles while providing context in our modern age.

Publishing houses are generally owned by giant media conglomerations or academic institutions. Since Emmanuel Academic is an independent academic publisher, we are unconstrained by other interests. This allows our authors to publish evidence-based research that may not be available or accepted in other mediums. Our commitment to the highest standards in scholarship will set Emmanuel Academic apart as a leading publisher across the globe.

We point past each other with our words, arguing as though we are looking at the same facts and experiences.

Jodell Onstott

We have launched our publishing house with the first installment of YHWH Exists. This epic volume is sure to re-define many religious and historical paradigms. This ground-breaking scholarship is certain to rekindle an active interest in the Hebrew Scriptures as authoritative history. We are so elated with this volume that we have dedicated a sister-site to highlight the topics covered in YHWH Exists. For complete details, please visit www.yhwhexists.com.


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