YHWH Exists


Is Scripture myth or truth? Literature or history?  Modern scholars claim that Israel’s history as recorded in Scripture never happened. It is simply literature that tells one nation’s view of their world. Is this claim accurate?

Never before has a book so thoroughly explored the archaeology, history, and theology of Israel’s Scriptures to find such a simple, logical solution. By discovering the vast evidence that dismantles the man-made foundations of modern religion-you can begin your own personal quest to return to the simple, compelling faith of Abraham, King David, and the prophet Isaiah. Join Jodell Onstott in this epic investigation that reveals the intelligent, logical faith delivered by God to an ancient nation in YHWH Exists.

Excerpts:  Introductions:  Seek and Ye Shall FindOn God’s NameChapter 1:  Concepts of TruthChapter 3:  Jacob’s Ladder – Songs of Ascent found in the Etymology of Israel’s CovenantsChapter 8:  Who Wrote the Hebrew Bible?Chapter 9:  Chronology of the Book of the Kings of Israel and JudahChapter 11:  Critical Issues:  The Canann Conquest